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A legacy sustained by agriculture production and relationships

Rader Farms was established four generations ago.  Our great grandfather Harry and then our grandfather Glenn operated a dairy and small crop farm.  When Glenn passed away at an early age, our Dad took control of the dairy, eventually selling off the cattle to expand the crop farm operation.  We are proud to be part of such a strong heritage based on agriculture.  We are blessed with the opportunity to make our living off the land, just as our ancestors did.


Even though so much has changed over the past four generations, some things have remained true; farms are built and maintained on hard work, wise decision-making and a little bit of luck!  Hard work has always been a constant.  We grew up helping our Dad on the farm.  He taught us the tools of the trade, but most importantly he showed us everyday how to persevere and never give up.  We can say in all honesty, that our Dad was not handed his success, he worked hard and earned it.


Due to the soaring land prices, purchasing our own farm land has not been an option for us at this time. We decided the best option for us was to invest in equipment that would allow us to cover more acreage. We feel this approach demonstrates the commitment we have to our farming operation and to any potential landlords, present or future.


At Rader Farms, we have been blessed to farm for several different landlords. These landlords have entrusted us to produce crops for them, some for many decades. We are grateful to them for the opportunity to do what we love. Our little bit of luck came to us a few years ago when we were offered the opportunity to farm 800 acres around Hudson, IL. Acquiring this ground allowed us to come along side our Dad, and expand our family’s farming operation together.


We are young, yet established with experience. We feel we offer a unique advantage that will result in prosperity and longevity with our present and future landlords.


Adam Rader & Arin Rader

Today’s farm practices are evolving at an extremely rapid pace. Farmers are expected to produce record-breaking yields in order to keep up with the increasing land prices and input costs.


We have begun implementing new technology that enables us to select the seed hybrid, fertilizer practice as well as weed and pest management programs that best suit the ground that we farm. We realize how valuable farm land is and that the land we do farm needs to be as productive as possible.


To accomplish this we are using planting and harvesting maps to determine how to make the best management decisions in each particular part of the field. We are also using multiple nitrogen applications to keep our crops healthy and thriving. We feel that owning a chemical applicator provides us the flexibility to make timely and effective applications to ensure superior plant health.



Some other aspects of crop scouting that we have started incorporating into our operation are tissue sampling and Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) scouting. Tissue sampling involves removing plant material from the crop and sending the sample to a lab where it is analyzed to determine if the plant is lacking in nutrients. We can then make a decision to supply the plants with the nutrients that are lacking to help them reach their full potential.



UAV scouting will be used to cover many acres in a single pass to make a visual assessment of plant health in each particular field. We can then use the gathered data to make management decisions on nutrient deficiencies or pest infestation. As farmers growing up in the technology generation, we are constantly exploring new ideas that help to maintain healthy crops, resulting in higher yields; a win for everyone involved!

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We currently farm in Normal, Danvers, Carlock, Hudson and Kappa, IL

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